Aladra is the village on Loka's Spawn Island which can be found southwest of the mountains where the player first spawns inside the intro course. Aladra features many great utilities including a port, several buildings, and villagers or NPC's.

Aladra's docks

On Aladra's docks, you can find:

  • Three large boats that will take you to each of the continents, Kalros, Garama, and Ascalon.
  • Talk to Halris to complete the "Port's of Loka" quest.
  • Shipments of the Daily Blocks.
  • Free bread sold by Melchiott.
  • The dinghy to Frodii's Fishing Tournament.
  • Continent maps sold by Vorel, Qart, and Elerda.
  • Talk to Haldii to see if you caught Loka's largest fish!
  • Talk to Bofur to complete the quest, "New Places, New Foes"
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