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On the seventh anniversary of Loka, a quest that was south of the Library appeared. This quest was the construction of the Aladra Museum. The quest lasted between February 16, 2018 - February 18, 2018. All of the players who contributed to the quest received the achievement [Building History] and have their name listed in the Museum Patreon book. The Aladra Museum includes official server lore, portals to the previous worlds, and minor history.

Floors of the Museum

First Floor

The first floor contains 8 lored items are player made. These items are The Cake Ninja's Cake, Dragon's Legacy, the Sword of Hyrule, World Rail Track, Last Sapling of Yggdrasil, ST M9 Bayonet Doppler, The Death Shovel, and a book called Dwemeri Codex. The Death Shovel and Sword of Hyrule are the only two items that have books explaining their lore.

Ground Floor

The entrance of the museum contains statues of the first 4 Guardians and Preksak. The left side of the floor contains a statue of Cryptite, the sword Laevateinn, Cloak of Flight, the Sword of the Horseman, Crown of the King, Preksak's Compass, and Preksak's Pearl. The right side contains samples of the Harvesters, the Blight, and a Knife fragment.


The basement has portals to all four previous worlds: Sanya, Ak, Da, and Taan. There are two npcs with no text down here named Marty and Morty. At this time the portals do not work.