Past Alliances

Alliances have fallen and risen, this is a list of the current alliances of Loka.


Alliance leader: Dragonstone

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Alliance leader: Avarice(?)

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Alliance leader: Fel'Bthalft(?)

(Also don't know anything about this one)


Alliance leader: Haven(?)

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Older Alliances

Many alliances have been known to be great powers of Loka, as forces to be reckoned with, but many have disbanded or been destroyed by other alliances. This is a list of well known, fallen alliances.

Vanguard I

Alliance Leader: Dragonstone

Disbanded quickly after the inactivity of MasterTargaryen, King of Dragonston. The other towns joined different alliances.


Alliance Leader: (I don't recall...)

(All I know is that they fought against Osiris a lot..)


Alliance Leader: FortKickass(?)

Osiris heavily warred and nearly prevailed against Vanguard II, but when the Argus Alliance rose, they fought Osiris valiantly, removing nearly all their Tgens and occasionally raiding their cities.

Vanguard II

Alliance Leader: Citadel

Towns of the Vanguard Alliance contained Citadel, Unknown, Dellsmite, Haven. Towns that left the Vanguard before they disbanded are Freesia (Whose owner moved to Citadel) and Camelot (Who left due to the Vanguard seeking peace). They often fought against Osiris, Insignis, and briefly Argus. Disbanded.