Alliance Picture

Towns have the ability to create formal alliances, and with that comes an Alliance chat, and joint territory strength.Towns must be at least Level 6 to form or join alliances.

With the command /g alliance invite <townname> town owners can propose an alliance with another town. If the other town accepts, an alliance will be formed with the inviting town becoming the Alliance Leader

Towns who have received an alliance request can type /g alliance accept and they will then be a part of the alliance.

Once an alliance is created, the alliance name is set by default to the name of the Alliance Leader. To have it changed contact an administrator with a new name. This is done to prevent inappropriate names being used for alliances.

Alliances come with many benefits. Among them are the ability to fight together in Conquest battles without the need to call reinforcements. Also, Conquest Points are shared between towns. In this way the Alliance is the one with points and not any individual town. A final large benefit, is an alliance chat accessible by all towns in the alliance.

To access alliance chat, a member of a town who is in an alliance must type /a <chat> or alternatively can type /ch a to toggle alliance chat on, and then they may type without any commands. To toggle back to town chat, use /ch t and for public chat, /ch p.

If you are an alliance leader, and wish to remove a town from your alliance, the command /g alliance remove must be used.

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