When Castalina and other Valinor elves first landed on Garama, they created the town known as Agaroth. However, only a few weeks into the project, the elves went to the northern Savanah to create the town known as Tirion (On the ruins of Vantis[1]). Eventually though, Castalina decided to go North, creating Althuan, and House Ascalade (Beetee_Latier, TrisPrior, MarcusEaton, Skeletonhunter36) were split up. Marcus went to join Miracalis, Tris went with Castalina to Althuan, and Skele and Bee created the town known as Alyium. The town is located in the southeast Jungle in Garama, and is known for its buids aswell as unique history.

Current Royal Family

Username Title (Relation to King) Currently Active?
Skeletonhunter36 King of Alyium Yes
BigSky123 Queen of Alyium (Wife) Yes
green3panda Princess of Alyium (Daughter) No
PinkPigeun Princess of Alyium (Daughter) Yes
TrisPrior Princess of Alyium (Sister) Yes
hiendiep55 Duke of Upire (Son) Yes

Early Days

In the early days of Alyium, Skele and Bee worked tirelessly to build the first of many feats on Alyium: The People's Palace. This Palace was built to represent the unity within the town as well as eliminate the social hierarchy previously experienced by Skele while under the rule of Castalina. In the beginning, the town was pretty isolated, yet after being threatened by a growing force on Garama, it started their messy history of alliances.

Alliance History

Originally, the town had shown interest in joining the Garaman Federation after receiving lots of help from Dong Dank to settle & build their town, but wanted to remain neutral to focus on building the town rather than conquest. However, after being told by Copperhand that they wouldn't allow Alyium to be neutral and that they would have to join their alliance or be under attack, Alyium joined Umbria, but continued friendly relations with Dong Dank. From the start, Alyium and Umbria's relationship was shaky, with Copperhand demanding Alyium to submit to their will and not oppose them. After an incident between multiple players in Alyium and the leader of the alliance of Umbria, Skele decided that time was up, and left Umbria in early February. Immediately after leaving, Alyium was under constant attack by Copperhand, but managed to slip in a few victories in reins battles occasionally. This was a dark time for Alyium, but Skele would not let it kill the town. After Bee spoke with many Covenent leaders about the situation, they all discouraged New Axiom from doing these attacks, and Alyium was once again at peace for some time. In March 2018, Copperhand (then renamed to Axiom) disbanded, and Alyium went Neutral up until May 2018, when they joined the Garamentes (formerly known as the Garaman Federation) with Dong Dank, New Arxem, and Mirkwood

Month Alliance
January 2018 Umbria
February 2018 Neutral
March 2018 Umbria
April 2018 Neutral
May 2018 The Garamentes
June 2018 The Garaman Empire
July 2018 The Garaman Empire

Notable Members

Skeletonhunter36 Owner/Founder, King (House Ascalade)
Beetee_Latier (Occasional) Subowner/Founder, Architect (H.A.)
BigSky123 Subowner, Queen (H.A.)
TrisPrior Subowner, Princess (H.A.)
PinkPigeun Lord, Princess (H.A.)
Redstoner_CAT Lord, Former Owner of Allied Town