Ancient Ingots are a custom item used to repair armor, weapons, and tools without consuming xp or materials. When you repair armor or tools using a anvil in default Minecraft, you notice that every time you repair any armor or tool, an increasing level cost slowly rises and eventually your armor or tool becomes too expensive to do any further repairs. Ancient Ingots have a special power that when used, cost you no levels and you can continually fix any tool or piece of armor without any cost of becoming too expensive to repair.


To use an ancient ingot, simply right-click the ingot in your inventory and left-click the item you wish to repair. Upon doing this, the ancient ingot will be consumed and the target item will gain 250 durability points. Note that your armor must be in your inventory and not on your person to be able to repair your armor.


Ancient ingots can be purchased from Lenrith the blacksmith in Aladra at a cost of 32 power shards each. Ingots can also be obtained from the death of protectors in conquest. There is a small chance that any protector in conquest will drop an ancient ingot.


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