Artagan Antioch
The Loremaster




Lawful Good



"Honor is the only thing that separates us from the monsters."


Artagan, also known as The Loremaster, is a polarizing and contentious figure in Lokan history, known primarily for his staunch opposition of the Outlaws and their previous incarnations: the Assassins, the Alliance, and Team Rocket. Defined by his enduring rivalry with the leader of the Outlaws, Zor, he has earned infamy for his rigid sense of justice and purpose, often called "black and white" or "all-or-nothing" by his peers and contemporaries. Despite this, he has also become well known for his extensive research into the lore and history of the Slicers and the worlds they have inhabited, often with the help of his friends and allies such as Cryptite and Gallazius.

Many of the cities and civilizations which have formed across the various worlds Slicers have inhabited have been designed, expanded, or built in part by Artagan in his enduring mission to foster peace and order among cities free of Outlaw influence. For many Ages Artagan never led his own city or town, preferring to leave the rule of the Computernites to his father, Computern Antioch. Instead he traveled from city to city, offering guidance and resources to growing settlements struggling to survive in Loka's harsh climate of raiders and petty thieves.

Eventually, however, with the advent of the Fifth Age, Artagan founded the city of Citadel alongside Leasaur, raising a shining monument to Computernite power and ingenuity.

Some of Loka's greatest heroes and adventurers have studied lore under Artagan, including Jedoi Avalos, Lazuli Avalos, Defgnw, Ronshaud Risewell, Scharf, and Murdoc.

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