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So far the only known evidence of Asgard.





A medium-sized city, Asgard is shrouded in mystery, holding many strange connections throughout Loka.


While the city was discovered only recently, witnesses have described a Norse-themed architectural style, mostly with its buildings being described as made entirely of wood and stone. Reports also indicate that at least three of the of the structures are floating. Dirt, found under the floating structures seem to point to a violent upheaval from their foundations. Whether this was on purpose or the result of some catastrophic event is not known. A rift in the earth under the main structure is flooded with water leading some to believe an earthquake befell the region some time ago.

The Awakening

Since it's discovery, Asgard was thought to be an abandoned city that had only just been discovered. However, recent return expeditions to the site have yielded findings that indicate Asgard is, in fact, expanding. A newly built farming and livestock structure seems to indicate that Asgardian culture is a largely agrarian one, especially since Asgard possesses no city walls, nor any defensive structures to ward off would-be invaders. New and under-construction buildings near the city's main statue - a large iron sword plunging into a gazebo structure surrounded by water - also seem to indicate that the city may be preparing to expand, perhaps even establishing communication and liaisons with some of other inhabitants in Loka. The new district seems to be a residential one, lending that new members would be welcome within and encouraged to develop their own housing. Is Asgard finally establishing a presence on the server? Will its people greet with welcome arms those of Loka without shelter or alliance? Is there an ancient, more mysterious purpose lying within the city? As always and forever, time is ever our most knowledgable storyteller.


The exact date of Asgard's founding is unknown, but assumed to have been some time in early March of the Third Age. There is little known history surrounding Asgard. It has always remained neutral and avoided any involvement in the great wars that have ravaged a significant portion of the Loka population. Only recent findings are contributing to possible insight into the future and past of this city.