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The Old One




Lawful Neutral



Asymptonic, also known as The Old One, was the first Slicer to be trapped by the Artifact along with the other members of his original research team. For the countless eons of the Dawn Age he stood vigil by the Three Sisters whilst his fellow Slicers gradually wandered off into the wilderness, many of them creating shrines to dark powers and attempting to harness latent energies in order to power rudimentary Knives that might enable them to escape the Artifact's influence. It is unknown if any of them succeeded, but Asymptonic remained by the Three Sisters in order to greet and guide Slicers who arrived in search of him and his team.

He acted as a father figure to the newly-awakened Guardians, and continued his vigil continuously until the end of the Second Age when Preksak planted his World Bomb in the world of the Artifact. Asymptonic then led the mass exodus to Preksak's moon base and then used Preksak's Knife to transport the Slicers to a new world.

Since then Asymptonic has been seen extremely rarely, and reportedly spends all his time experimenting and exploring in search of unknown phenomena related to the Artifact and Knife technology. During the Third Age his biological son Varasid arrived on Loka in search of his father, and later aided the the ASA in attempting to combat the encrouching Blight.

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