Battlegrounds are a collection of PvP games unique to Loka and are accessed by queing with the /bg command . Armor and supplies are provided and are similar to that of arenas.

Valley of the Artifacts

2013-03-24 14.21.13

One of the capturable artifacts in VotA

Currently the only battleground available at this time, Valley of the Artifacts, is a game styled after "king of the hill"  where players are divided into two teams that must capture and hold artifacts to gain points. To capture an artifact one must stand under it for a period of time until the obsidian ring has changed to glowstone. Once this has 

happened it will begin awarding points to the team that has captured it as long as it remains in their control. To steal another team's artifact you must stand under it to convert the glowstone back to obsidian and then repeat the process above. Each artifact has a platform of wool which indicates which team is currently in possession of it.

2013-04-02 23.17.39

Battling for the center Artifact

When a team has reached 100 points the game will end and for a short time players will receive a speed and jump boost and a stack of 64 eggs to pelt each other with. The map is then cleared and players are teleported back to the main world.

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