Bay of Pigs Incident

The Bay of Pigs Incident took place the dark and unsuspecting eve of October 20th, 2014.

After a member of Riften was kicked out of the town, Defgnww decided to undo the damage of the player; however, when the undoing occurred, the pigs from the pig farm spread out all over the town. After a few more undos and the multiplication of the pigs, their numbers had reached upwards of 900. The pigs flooded the entire town, and especially preferred to bathe in the river. A smite did not fix the issue, only spawned the pesky zombie pigs.

The result of the Bay of Pigs Incident was the mass pigs genocide in Riften. Due to the pigs unruly behavior and constant desire to revolt against the town and break free of their farms, no pig was spared.

2014-10-20 22.35.26

Some of the rebellious pig-folk.

2014-10-20 22.46.22

Here we can see the pigs bathing :)