On Loka each biome appears only once, however, most are fairly large. Below lists all the restricted resources (also know as embargoed resources) and where to find them. These resources can only be gathered if you control the respective biome. If you do not then it will either drop nothing or one of the basic non-restricted resources. The 3 main non-restricted resources are Oak Trees, Wheat and Chicken.


Biome Restricted Resource Notable Resources
Forest Birch Tree, Apple, Rabbit Dandelion, Rose Bush
Birch Forest Birch Tree, Apple, Rabbit Dandelion, Rose Bush, Peony
Clay Cliffs Clay Block Peony, White/Light Gray Terracotta
Sunset Isles Melon Parrot
Mushroom Isle Red/Brown Mushroom, Red/Brown/Stem Mushroom Block, Mycelium, Mushroom Cow
Wheat Fields Carrot, Rabbit Sunflower
Plains Carrot, Rabbit Horse, Dandelion, Oxeye Daisy


Sugar Cane

Flower Forest

Apple, Rabbit Tulip, Dandelion, Oxeye Daisy, Rose Bush
Mountains Llama Snow
Ancient Forest Rose Bush, Poppy, Oxeye Daisy
Dark Forest
Ascalon Cows, Cod


Biome Restricted Resource Notable Resources
Jungle Jungle Tree, Melon, Cocoa Bean Parrot, Ocelot, Lilac, Allium, Vine
Swamp Pumpkin, Beetroot, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom Lily Pad, Vine, Lilac
Savannah Acacia Tree, Pumpkin, Carrot Horse, Diorite, Dandelion
Desert Cactus, Carrot Dead Bush, Sand
Mesa Cactus, Carrot, Red Sand, Hardened Clay Red Sand, Coarse Dirt, Dead Bush
Deadlands Pumpkin, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom Dead Bush, Brown Hardened Clay, Coarse Dirt 
Garama Tropical Fish, Pufferfish, Pig


Biome Restricted Resource Notable Resources
Taiga Spruce Tree, Potato Wolf, Azure Bluet

Mega Taiga

Spruce Tree, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom Wolf, Mossy Cobble, Coarse Dirt, Podzol
Roofed Forest Dark Oak Tree, Potato, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom Rose Bush
Moors Carrot, Potato Azure Bluet, Horse
Cold Taiga Spruce Tree Azure Bluet, Blue Orchid, Snow
Ice Wastes Packed Ice Snow
Ice Mountains Azure Bluet, Blue Orchid, Snow 
Kalros Salmon, Sheep, Emerald Ore
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