On Loka each biome appears only once, however, most are fairly large. Below lists all the protected resources (also know as embargoed resources) and where to find them. These resources can only be gathered if you control the respective biome. If you do not then it will either drop nothing or one of the basic non-restricted resources. The 3 main non-restricted resources are Oak Trees, Wheat and Chicken.


Biome Resource Type Replenishing Resources
Protected Resource Resources
Forest Blocks/Plants Apples, Bottles of Honey, Honeycomb, Bee Nests Dandelions, Rose Bushes, Tulips, Poppies, Oxeye Daisies
Mobs Bees
Birch Forest Blocks/Plants Birch Wood, Birch Leaves, Carrots Dandelion, Peonies
Mobs Rabbits
Clay Cliffs Blocks/Plants Clay Blocks, Terracotta (White/Light Gray) Peonies
Sunset Isles Blocks/Plants Melons
Mobs Parrots
Mushroom Isle Blocks/Plants Mushrooms (red/brown), Mushroom Blocks (red/brown/stem), Mycelium
Mobs Mushroom Cows
Plains Blocks/Plants Carrots Sunflowers, Dandelion, Oxeye Daisy
Mobs Rabbits, Horses


Blocks/Plants Sugar Cane
Mountains Blocks/Plants Snow (blocks/layers)
Mobs Llamas
Ancient Forest Blocks/Plants Bamboo Rose Bushes, Poppies, Oxeye Daisies, Tulips, Lilies of the Valley
Mobs Pandas
Ascalon Blocks/Plants
Mobs Cows


Biome Resource Type Replenishing Resources
Protected Resources Resources
Ancient Jungle Blocks/Plants Jungle Wood. Jungle Leaves, Podzol, Melons, Bamboo Lilies of the Valley, Lilacs, Vines
Mobs Pandas
Jungle Blocks/Plants Jungle Wood, Jungle Leaves, Melons, Cocoa Beans Lilacs, Alliums, Vines
Mobs Ocelots, Parrots
Swamp Blocks/Plants Pumpkins, Beetroots, Mushrooms (red/brown), Terracotta (gray) Lily Pads, Vines, Lilacs
Mobs Slimes
Desert Blocks/Plants Cactus, Carrots Dead Bush, Dandelions
Mesa Blocks/Plants Cactus, Carrots, Red Sand, Red Sandstone Terracotta Dead Bushes, Dandelions
Deadlands Blocks/Plants Pumpkins, Mushrooms (red/brown), Terracotta (brown) Dead Bushes 
Savannah Blocks/Plants Acacia Wood, Acacia Leaves, Pumpkins, Carrots Dandelions
Mobs Horses
Garama Blocks/Plants
Mobs Pigs


Biome Resource Types Replenishing Resources
Protected Resources Resources
Moor Blocks/Plants Carrots, Potatoes
Mobs Horses

Roofed Forest

Blocks/Plants Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak Leaves, Potatoes, Mushrooms (red/brown) Rose Bushes
Mega Taiga Blocks/Plants Spruce Wood, Spruce Leaves, Podzol, Potatoes, Mushrooms (red/brown) Cornflowers
Mobs Wolves
Taiga Blocks/Plants Spruce Wood, Spruce Leaves, Sweet Berry Bushes Azure Bluets
Mobs Wolves, Orange Foxes
Cold Taiga Blocks/Plants Spruce Wood, Spruce Leaves, Sweet Berry Bushes, Ice, Snow (block/layer) Azure Bluets
Mobs Wolves, White Foxes
Ice Wastes Blocks/Plants Packed Ice, Ice, Snow (block/layer) Blue Orchids
Mobs Polar Bears
Ice Mountains Blocks/Plants Ice, Snow (block/layer) Azure Bluet, Blue Orchid 
Mobs Polar Bears
Kalros Blocks/Plants
Mobs Sheep
  • Protected mobs can not be tamed if you do not control the biome they are found in.
  • Protected mobs can not be bred if you do no control the biome they are found in.
  • Cows, sheep and pigs can all be bred on their respective continents and only drop items when on said continents.
  • Temp builders cannot gather the protected resources the town controls.
  • Bonemeal will not produce flowers. Flowers can only be picked or placed; never generated.
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