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Queen of the Elves

Castalina was an elf queen that ruled many kingdoms over here time here on Loka. She founded the kingdom of Eldamar that was resting off of the coast of the Mushroom isle in tile 30. In her begining days ,she quickly made herself known throughout Loka and became known as an avid roleplayer, whos passion was deep in lore and chareater building.

Castalina founded the kingdom of Valinor with her co-owner Zor . This kingdom soon came to rule the entire western grip of Ascalon bordering the covenant empire at the time. As time went on, Castalina passed the crown of Valinor to Sparky__ who led the elves through many conflicts. Castalina then went to Kalros to found a town Althuan and then to Garama to make a town called Mirkwood and another named Tirion.

Castalina since then returned back to her homeland Ascalon, ruled a Kingdom known as Elrohir (Katolis). From her time there, she got news or a new kingdom arising in Ascalon, known as Eneria. With the news that many elves began to migrate to the kingdom under the leadership of Sparky, Castalina and her elves left Elrohir (Katolis) and joined the Enerians, as their descendants are that of the shining holy kingdom of Valinor.

Castalina has been known to be involved in many events and actions here on Loka, and has put an effort to positively affect the roleplaying community on the server.