Cathedral City
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Construction site at night, with 5 layers being made.







Cathedral city - is a large city, currently being constructed. It was founded by mopb3, Toiongo, adderman500, thelineguy and DjMax (banned). The only active citizens who remain in Cathedral City as of now are mopb3 and adderman500.


The city holds the vague shape of a Ziggurat, consisting of 8 dirt layers. Each level is 5y (height) down from the one above it, being 25 blocks wide. The city has a vast farming layer mainly constructed by Toiongo , who also built a small library and a large portion of the layers.

The city has a large cathedral at the very top with a huge spire, stretching to the very limits of the sky. The top of this spire offers the very best views of the city, and its height is unrivalled for miles around.

The city also has a road connecting it to the spawn, which is around 3000 blocks long, crossing seas, forests and deserts. The road was also connected to the Jewel of the Nile , and Haven City as well as various other settlements and houses. A tunnel has also been completed spanning rails underground to Hidden Caverns.

  • Cathedral City as seen from the top of the spire.
  • Cathedral City as seen from the top of the spire.
  • Cathedral City as seen from the top of the spire.
  • Cathedral City as seen from the top of the spire.


An idea to build a big town came to mopb3, who shared it with adderman500 and Toiongo. A group of people was later made to build the city as fast as it's possible. Then a place for future construction was chosen, a hill nearby of Church town and Area 51. Later, the Latin cross was chosen as official emblem for the city. When the 5th layer was almost completed, the construction of Quiet Hill was begun, although unfortunately Quiet Hill was not transferred along with Cathedral City.

New-Age History

Cathedral city moved to the new world after a few weeks of it being in existance, unfortunately it was crushing a part of Stallingrad, so it has now been moved to a more remote spot, where it is not looming threateningly over anything. Currently, 6 layers have been built out of the decided 8.

It was at one point at war with Haven City , but in an interesting twist of fate one of the Lords of Cathedral now owns the town.
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Mopb3, our glorious leader!

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