Chairs are a custom plugin on Loka that allows any player to sit down in chair looking structures. A player can add these nice touches as decorations to a town or a player can have a sit at spawn in one of the chairs there!

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Creating Chairs

Charis are created by placing any stair block and attaching either signs or item frames to both sides of the stair block.

Chairs can still be created with one item frame and one sign on either side. Chairs don't need two item frames and two signs to work.

Chairs can also be made in multiple sizes by adding more stairs to the chair. A chair cant only be sat on with either one, two, or three stair blocks wide. When placing four or more sitars, the chair can't be sat on.

Sitting in a Chair


To sit in a chair, a player must face the chair and right click onto the stair block. There will be a chat prompt that says, "You are now sitting."

To stop sitting on a chair, a player must click shift on their keyboard. (or the crouch key) Once a player has stopped sitting, there will be a chat prompt that says, "You are no longer sitting."

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