• Main entrance
  • Church, seen from atop the mega tree
  • Church, seen from the north west wall
Church Town - is a town founded by mopb3 and Toiongo . Its foundation marks the beginning of the Church Town Era.


The name was chosen upon the town being founded as the first building built was a church. Its construction began with an idea of building a outpost outside of Gaia's Lament, a satellite village so that others in the world that were suffering alone may have a place of refuge. Church Town is one of the first towns ever made on the server and thought by many to be one of the greatest cities the server has ever seen. It rose to power quickly due to the amount of members it had. This was mostly due to mopb3 investing far too much faith onto any new people he found. However, its rise to power was inevitably its downfall aswell. Due to the large amounts of people recruited, there were hackers and greifers among them. Whilst the Guardians were able to get rid of some of these, a few remained in secret and eventuly brought the town down from inside. A seeming salvation was offered when Magpieman told all the citizens he was making a new town, far away from the spawn. This new town was proclaimed 'Hyrule ' after the Legend of Zelda video game series. Not many people appreciated the "harsh" rules of Hyrule and its self declared 'High King' Magpieman, causing only him and a few people to stay there. After all this, only one remained in Church Town, Ornom0n, and he maintained it untill he eventually left the server for a long period of time, fleeing to a land of orcs, elves, humans and dwarves. It was lost after the Old World was destroyed.

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