In order to prevent Combat Logging and in order to keep the subjective actions of the staff out of the way, Loka employs an automatic combat logging system that is clear to the players and not subject to "he said/she said" rule judgements. The system works in the following way:

Combat Logging Functionality

Outside of the spawn town of Aladra, you may initiate a safe log out by typing /log. This will activate a 60 second timer that counts down to zero and then kicks you from the server (safe logout).

All other places on Loka, if you manually log out of your Minecraft client or disconnect from Loka in any way, without using /log, an NPC player (a copy of you) will spawn in your place with your gear and inventory. This will remain for a minimum of 60 seconds. If within 60 seconds, your NPC takes no PvP damage, it will despawn. If, however, a player finds your NPC and attacks it, the timer will reset and your NPC will likely be killed. This would act like a normal death for you and your NPC will drop all of your items and when you log back in, you will be dead.

Your NPC copy does not attract Minecraft mobs.


  • Anywhere in the world, /log takes 60s to complete.
  • You cannot use /log In an Enemy Town (a town that is not in your alliance)
  • If you unsafely log out (Disconnect without /log), your combat log NPC will remain for 60s.
  • In an enemy town, your combat log NPC will remain for 120s (2 minutes).
  • Sneaking while using /log will cancel the logout.
  • Combat resets your NPC's despawn timer, starting 60s from the last hit.