There are 2 different types of Combat Tags. Yellow Tags, in which you will not lose your items, and Red Tags where you will lose your items and shard pouch.

Example of a Yellow Tagged player

Yellow Tags

Yellow tags are the type of combat tag that you will get when you are in a battle zone. You will not lose your items when you die, however if you hit somebody who is red tagged, you will be switched to a red combat tag. Yellow tags can be found in battle zones, and outside of dock tiles in Wild Coast areas. These areas are also known as Yellow Wilderness.

You can tell that a player is Yellow Tagged by the color of the skull emoji next to their name.

Red Tags

Example of a Red Tagged player

Red tags are the type of combat tag in which you WILL lose all of your items. You will get these tags when you are in Red Wilderness. Once you are red tagged, you cannot lose the tag unless you get out of combat, meaning you cannot run into Yellow Wilderness and lose your red tag.

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