General Commands

/help - Brings up a list of commands.

/m - Message a player.

/r - Reply to the player that last messaged you.

/rb - View your learned custom recipes.

/here - See information about your current location.

/profile - See quests/achievements, etc.

/find - Lookup information about another player's town, alts, past names, etc.

/quests - View your active quests.

/ch - Change chat channels.

/mail - Send mail to other players.

/rules - View our official rules list.

/kill - Kill yourself.

/vote - vote for Loka!

/list - Shows the names and ranks of all online players.

/report - send a report to the admins of a bug or rule break.

Home Commands

/sethome - Set your home anywhere outside spawn.

/home - Go back to your home if you are in spawn.

/spawn - Warp back to spawn if you are within 50 blocks of your home.

/tpa - Request to join a player (Must be in spawn)

/tpahere - Invite someone to your /home (Must be within 50 blocks of your home)

Town Commands

/town list - Get a list of towns in Loka.

/town leave - Leave your town permanently.

/tpahere - Invite a player to your town if you own one. (Must be in town)

/p - Talk in public chat regardless of chat channels toggled.

/g help - View Town commands.

/g info - Get info on your town.

/g members - List the members in your town.

/g level - View your town's levelling breakdown.

/g perks - View the perks unlocked by your town.

/g leave - Leave your town. This cannot be undone.

/g chest - Get your town chest.

/g motd - Set the towns message of the day.

/g title - Set a player's title. Shown only in town chat.

/g promote/demote - Promote or Demote a player's town level.

/g add - Add a player to your town.

/g rem - Remove a player from your town.

/g align - Set a towns alignment to you.

/g banner - Update your town's banner.

/g radius - Change the radius of your town's protection.

/g tag - Set town's abbreviated name displayed in town chat.

/g setportal - Set up your own town portal.

/g addowner - Add owner to generator. Gives players full access to gen commands.

/g delowner - Removes player as owner.

/g transfer - Transfer ownership of town to another player.

/g delete - Completely delete your town.

/g alliance - Forge and break alliances with other towns.

/g zone - Define member level based building zones within town.

/g mobspawning - Toggle mobspawning within your town.

/g industry - View town industry commands.

Conquest Commands

/c help - Lists conquest commands

/c info - Show information about your Territories.

/c list - Show your Territory Nodes and status of Battles.

/c ranks - Show the global Conquest Rankings.

/c create - Spawn in Conquest buildings.

/c merc - View/Edit Mercenaries accepted to your fights.

/c train - Train for Conquest in an isolated, unique world.

/c delete - Delete your beacon/radar.

PvP Commands

/pvp - View and queue for PvP games and see your prowess.

/talents - Change your talents for battlegrounds.

/duel - Challenge a player to a 1v1, unranked arena match.

/invite - Invite a player to be on your team for 2v2 arenas.

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