Strength is gained and lost by fighting in conquest battles against other towns/alliances. At the end of each month (last Sunday of the calendar month) the town/alliance with the most strength becomes the capital of their continent (or world capital if they are top in Balak strength).

Continent Strength

  • Do not gain strength from winning vs neutral territories.
  • If one of your territories loses a link to your town it will decay after 24 hours, and if you have further unlinked territories, one will decay every 12 hours after that. If there are multiple unlinked territories, the farthest one from your town will decay first.
  • Lose 5 strength per T gen that decays.
  • If you lose your last T gen you lose 50 strength (as well as fight strength loss).

int decayLoss = getRatingChange(100, (int) territoryStrength, 50) * 2

  • Releasing territory opens up your vulnerability window, removes 1 attack from your pool and you lose strength equal to the strength you would lose fight a town with 100 strength. (18 k factor)
  • Strength decays once every real-life day if you have no territory.

int decayLoss = getRatingChange(100, (int) territoryStrength, 50)

Strength Formula

1Kfactor 2Sdiff

Balak Strength

  • You gain strength from taking neutrals and when doing so the kFactor is 12.
  • kFactor when fight other towns is 20 (min town level is not taken into account)
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