The world of Loka is comprised of three known continents which encircle an ocean, at the heart of which lies Spawn Island. The three continents are Kalros to the north, Garama to the south, and Ascalon to the west. Each continent has a unique climate, culture, and set of unique resources, and within each continent Slicers have founded a variety of towns and made alliances that cover large expanses of land and territory.

Kalros - The North

Kalros is Loka's northern continent, located on the far northern edge of the known world. It is known for it's harsh cold climate, and towards the northern end of the land there are spectacular icy mountain ranges and ice wastes. The majority of the continent, however, is taiga, mega taiga, and cold taiga, so spruce wood and ferns are abundant. A small amount of dark oak forest can be found in the southeastern corner of the continent as well.

Garama - The South

Garama is Loka's southern continent, located on the far southern edge of the known world. It is known for it's hot climate, ranging from tropical deserts to dry deserts, from marshy swamps to sweeping savannas and towering mesas. It is perhaps the most visually and ecologically diverse of all the continents, and has attracted great numbers of enterprising Slicers looking to found successful cities and expand their alliances.

Ascalon - The West

Ascalon is Loka's western continent, location on the far western edge of the known world. It is known for it's lush temperate climate, dominated by vast plains and green forests, and is the native land of all Lokan cows. From the mushroom island in the south to the ancient forest in the north, Ascalon holds great promise for any aspiring settlers.

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