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Cryptite, the Warden of Asgard, is a mysterious figure in Lokan history, best known for his role in the Battle of the Spire against Preksak and for leading the town of Asgard on Loka. He frequently guides adventuring Lokans on their quests, often appearing unexpectedly and giving valuable advice.

A fearsome warrior, Cryptite proved his skill in combat when he won the Tournament of Hyrule and was awarded the title Champion of Hyrule, along with the Sword of Hyrule and the admiration of all Lokans. Outside of his prowess at combat, Cryptite is arguably among the most powerful individuals known to exist, capable of defeating Preksak in single combat, putting him on par with Asymptonic and the Guardians.

Cryptite has the appearance of a middle aged man with wild brown hair and a medium beard. His hair forms distinct long curtains on either side of his face, framing his brown eyes and mustache. His outfit features a long sleeved blue shirt and brown pants, over which he wears a light brown coat and shoulder pads.

He has a reserved, contemplative personality, almost always appearing calm and composed even in the face of extraordinary circumstances. On the rare occasions in which he has been pushed to emotional extremes, such as during the Battle of the Spire, his wrath has been terrible to behold.


After the exodus from the the world of the Artifact, Slicers scattered throughout Loka to settle towns and explore. Not long after the start of the Third Age, Slicers discovered the town of Asgard, along with its leader, a strange man who called himself Cryptite. Over time, Asgard grew in size and population as Nomads and Slicers settled in the pristine, beautiful city, with its unique style of architecture, all built by the self-proclaimed Warden of Asgard. Other towns were inspired by the buildings in Asgard and incorporated the style into their own buildings. Many famous Lokans have lived in Asgard, such as Varasid, Artagan, and Epicbacon99.

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