DeceitfulPear is a notable member of the Loka community, and has been a friendly face regularly seen since joining the server. Most notably, he has been involved with the towns of Yaddas, The Drunken Fisherman Resort, and Eneria.


DeceitfulPear joined Loka on December 17th, 2016. He quickly joined Prithia as his first residence, however fell inactive shortly after doing so. This is where he would meet Xlan for the first time. Since then, DeceitfulPear, Xlan, and Iwasnotthere have been inseperable compatriots. Eventually, DeceitfulPear came back to Loka. He quickly found himself involved in the conflict between the Elysian Pact - Covenant war. It was at this point that he joined Firsthold and made the People of the Pond religion as their official worship. A few months after, he then left Ascalon to create The Drunken Fisherman Resort. They quickly came into contact with Horsia, who had created the town of Noobville next to them. Noobville ruled with an iron fist, preventing flight on the continent entirely through policy. It was at this point when a stroke of genius came about, The Drunken Fisherman Resort and Garaman Federation would use all their attacks each day to place on Noobville over five times each day. This would allow them to neutralize all of Noobville's territory and win capital. Once this concluded, DeceitfulPear decided to join the town of Valentia. He then fell inactive again, however joined Loka to fight Covenant with Valinor and the original Best in the West. Once this war had concluded, DeceitfulPear, Xlan, and Iwasnotthere decided to recreate The Drunken Fisherman Resort, however with the name of Drunken Fishermen Resort. After the Drunken Fishermen Resort, DeceitfulPear, Xlan, and Iwasnotthere would all follow each other through towns. After some short-lived towns, they then found themselves in Gotham to fight with the Covenant. After this, they then decided to join Sparky___'s town of Cryptic Cove. They stuck around for a few months to fight, however eventually drifted off and created Yaddas. Since then, DeceitfulPear has been in and out of the towns of Eneria and Yaddas.

Notable Compatriots

Notable Accomplishments

  • Has a 3/0/1 KDA on EldritchBot
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