The Kingdom of Dellsmite

The Dellsmite that Loka knows today is but a fragment of the it's past glory. The original kingdom was on the lost and forgotten island of Secora. Not much of it's history survived, in actuality, the only history of Dellsmite is within the memories of Lazuli Avalos (Lazuli73). She is the last living descendant of the last king, Good King Ulric the II. After a tragic raid that caused the kingdoms fall (known as The Fall) the only survivor is prospected to be his daughter, Anika. It is only speculated that she had a daughter, and in turn a daughter of her own. Lazuli Avalos was raised,however, not by her mother, but was orphaned to Farkell, a Secoran Monk. The Secoran Monks were the tranquil historians of the island and were not harmed by the barbaric raiders. Today that history is seen all throughout the city, from the original flag and banner design to a dimensional anomaly beneath its soil.

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The banner of the City of Dellsmite. designed by Lazuli Avalos.

Modern Dellsmite

Almost all of Modern Dellsmite's incredible architecture has been built by the founder and leader, Lazuli, with a Norse theme. The city is located in an ice spikes biome, and is protected by a large wall and dome. Some of the buildings featured in Dellsmite are the Church of Endrail, Dellsmite Library, Dellsmite Brewery, Horse stables, houses, and Sessrumnir, the Mead Hall.

The city also has a stunning secret far beneath the ground, called by Lazuli, "The Rift.". The Rift is a giant hole in the world created when cities were transferred from the third world to the fourth. From the bottom of Dellsmite, you can view the Void. It is speculated that one could potentially reach the End via the Rift.

The motto of Dellsmite is "Alone we may survive, but together we shall thrive.".

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