On Loka, there are two islands that were introduced as part of the Conquest 3.0 update. These two islands, Balak and Rivina, allow players to compete for special resources and world capital. The islands can be viewed here for Balak and here for Rivina.


Balak is one of two island in which players can compete in. To enter Balak you can either gain capital of a continent, or  win Rivina. The winner of Balak is crowned World Capital of Loka for a month and then the cycle repeats itself. Balak has many buff tiles which include;

  • Industries producing brewing materials
  • Neutral mobs on your continent
  • Ancient Ingots repairing durability fully
  • 2x chance of beheading your enemy on your continent; ender pearls have a 50% chance of being consumed
  • Monsters have a 50% chance of dropping double loot.


Rivina is the sister island to Balak, this island has buffs such as Balak however much lesser. The victor of the island earns a one-way ticket to Balak where they can compete for World Capital. Rivina is comprised of 5 islands (resembling Hawaii somewhat) all having their respected buffs. To earn the buff tiles you need to have 50% control of the particular island. These buffs include;

  • Producing 4 blaze rods per cycle
  • Producing 8 diamonds per cycle
  • Producing 4 ancient ingots per cycle 
  • Producing 4 Ender Pearls per cycle
  • Enemy monsters are neutral to you on the Resource Isles
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