The Kingdom of Eneria was founded on September 1st, 2020 at 11:44pm EST. Founded by Sparky___, DeceitfulPear, and Drex124, the town was created on what was the ruins of Sickholme. The ruins had been regen after numerous requests in order to establish the Kingdom. Eneria is considered to be the successor to the Kingdom of Valinor and as such is home to the Elves of Char.

Early History

Eneria's start began slow as construction struggled to begin. While originally residing in a hole inside the eastern mountain, construction began on the storage room, war room, and temporary residences under the river and western mountain. As work began, other Elves from across Loka such as Castalina and Zrxes flocked to Eneria to unify their Houses with the King, formally unifying the Royal Elven Houses on Char.

After construction was completed on the underground base, construction began on the surface of the actual Kingdom. The Lower or "Poor" District was the first priority, to create homes for potential recruits and the main entry-way to the city. As homes began being constructed by Sparky____ and Castalina, work also began nearby on the docks, fish market, and the Soaked Sailor, the city's first tavern. A barracks and various farms and industries were built in tandem with the docks on the western mountain, to facilitate economic growth and help feed the citizens of Eneria.

Political History

The claim to the throne of Eneria is derived from the claim to the throne of Valinor. While the last King of Valinor was King Zrxes, he nobly resigned his claim to the throne to its previous King, King Sparky____. Thus the claim to the throne of Eneria was established and claimed by Sparky___. An informal council was established on December 8th, 2020 involving the members of the Elven Royal Family, Queen Mother Castalina and Prince Zrxes, and the first Lord of Eneria DFGoose. After this point, debates began on the creation of the Elven Charter of Eneria to establish the governing laws and the official government of the Kingdom of Eneria.

The Elven Charter of Eneria was unanimously passed and adopted as the governing doctrine for the Kingdom of Eneria on January 13th, 2021 at 12:30am. The Charter established the largely absolute rule of the Monarch of Eneria, with a few stipulations. Largely these were: ensuring the Monarch maintained a Royal Council through which would provide an advisory role to the Monarch before taking action. Additionally it established 3 Ministries, the Ministry of State, Interior, and Finance, provided for the appointment of a Prime Minister, and declared Eneria "the capital of the Elven race of Char."

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