Note* Not one of the five Eras but a sub Era of the fourth.

Follwing the Battle of the Spire, a new age presented itself. From an era of conflict came what seemed to be a much calmer period. This was only an external appearance for raiding became much more than a passive skill utilized for targeting people. During this age, it became a profession; an art form. The history of the server gives a little insight into each era and age, but there likely isn't enough words to describe the amount of wealth lost to thieves during this time. The only thing to equivocate all that was taken, perhaps, was the torment and unforgettable grudges that followed.

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Hidden Caverns

Founded by JocelynReed and 13scooter13, Hidden Caverns was what seemed to be a peaceful town that took in new members and helped them develop their skills. Those that were trusted came to learn much more than placing a few blocks to decorate. Hidden Caverns had an elaborate system dedicated to raiding the cities of Loka. A room was dedicated to the mapping of enemies town's and housing the spoils of carefully planned raids which were distributed equally to those that participated. The most interesting aspect of the city, though, was not their strength or ability to steal. Their most interesting trademark was leaving absolutely no trace of their existence or involvement in their raids.

People that set out with the intention of hitting a town in the name of Hidden Caverns had one method. Get in, take everything, and get out without leaving any evidence. Despite that those who watched over the server were unable to divulge information about persons that stole within the rules, Hidden Caverns wanted no one to know they were there. However, their biggest heist became well known, mostly to those that fell victim.

"The Heist of The Century"

Computern was the owner of Century during the end of the Second Age and into the Third Age. The leader continuously found himself on the receiving end of enemy town leaders. The War of the Third Age was a prime example of conflict Century's town owner was met with. The heartache did not end there, however. Computern was met with one more drastic blow before a lengthy sabbatical some time following.
Hidden Caverns facilitated their largest heist on the town of Century. Their initial attempt was foiled when Computern entered the city while Jocelyn, Scooter, Mtndome, and MasterTargaryen were emptying every chest in the town. Aegon was left to fend for himself however when the only escape route was blocked. Using lies and subterfuge, the plan was hidden but not without suspicion from Computern. A relatively short time after this attempt was stopped, the plan was executed in full, stripping the city of a massive amount of its wealth.