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Festivals are planned community events. These can range from PvP tournaments to building competitions. There are three levels of festivals listed below.

Unofficial Festivals

A player-run festival, which has not been formally approved by staff. They have limited support. This is the best option for more relaxed and informal gatherings.

They have the following features:

  • Festival portal at spawn for the duration of the Festival

Official Festivals

Approved player-run festivals.

They have all the features above plus:

  • Festival Zone, which prevents PvP and has inventory keep on death
  • Players who log out in these zones for longer than 3 minutes gets teleported to spawn
  • Optional Festival Battlezone. This allows PvP in the area.
  • Rules unique to the Festival preventing players from stealing
  • Rules unique to the Festival which means anyone who competing, that is found using a client or avoiding a screen-share will be perm banned
  • PvP Festivals with a bracket of at least 16 players may reward the corresponding title to the winner.
  • Host role has the ability to kick people from the festival
  • Host has chat message colours and event icon in tab
  • Truce period while the festival is running

Server Festivals

Staff run Festivals.

These have all the features of the above two Festival types as well as:

  • Streamed on Loka's official twitch channel
  • Resources are provided by the server