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Every three days at either 2pm or 8pm server time (EST), Frodii's Dinghy at the Aladra Docks will become active and transport players to Frodii's Fishing Tournament. During this hour-long event, all players compete to catch the largest fish before the hour's up. The top three largest fish caught during this time will earn some sweet prizes, including custom titles.


Currently, the fishing tournaments are held at a specific location on the Garama Resource Isle, the Kalros Resource Isle, and the Ascalon Resource Isle.

The Tournament

During the Fishing Tournament, the area becomes a Sanctuary, and thus there is no PvP. If a player dies during the tournament, they will not drop their items but return to Aladra (Spawn) as normal.

Once you have caught a fish within the tournament zone you can turn it into Frodii to see if yours is one of the top 3 largest fish of the tournament. It is important to do this, otherwise, you won't win anything, even if you have the biggest fish. There is no limit to the number of fish you can turn in to Frodii. To turn a fish in, hold it in your hand and right-click on Frodii. (you will keep the fish) Fish will only be accepted if they have been caught during the current tournament and within the boundaries of the current sanctuary. Fish caught during a different tournament, time, or area will not be accepted. If the fish you hand in is currently the largest, it will announce that you are in the lead, but will not give away what weight it is. Frodii will also tell you if your fish is currently big enough for second or third place.

Fishing Weights


Frodii's Fishing Tournament can only take place because of Loka's custom fishing weights. All fish have different weights and rarities.


Once the tournament has come to an end, rewards for the top three fishers will be placed in the players Escrow Chest, which is found in the Market at the centre of Aladra. Below are the prizes given to the top 3 in a tournament:

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
24 Diamonds 16 Diamonds 8 Diamonds
64 Power Shards 48 Power Shards 32 Power Shards
1 Mending Book
The Angler Title

Once you win a fishing tournament on all three continents you'll receive the title Master Angler.