The Vanir

The Vanir are a mythical, possibly god-like race that have appeared many times in Lokan lore that seem to spring from ancient Norse mythology. Mentioned in Chronicles I-V, it is said that the Vanir are a faction of the obscure Aesir, and that they "outright defied the old ways and have openly become allies with some of the Human clans," although it is also noted that the Vanir have many limitations when interacting with mortal beings.

Lady Freyjia

Known to be a member of the mysterious Vanir, Lady Freyjia appeared rarely in times of trouble to aid Lokans when our worlds are threatened. She appears as a beautiful, blonde maiden and wields a golden axe. Freyjia is also known to talk in riddles when aiding mortals.

Lady Freyjia was a prominent character in the Battle of the Spire - bestowing her Cloak of Flight and magical sword, Laeventainn, upon Cryptite so that he might defeat Preksak and prevent the Accelerator Spire from destroying Loka.

Lady Freyjia has also hinted at Cryptite's past - the Vanir seem to take much interest in Cryptite and his arrival on Loka, but concrete evidence has yet to be found.

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