Gaia's Cradle
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Main entrance.





A town founded by mopb3, Gaia's Cradle was a central point of transport and interest for new players in the old world.


Originally used as an excuse to remove mopb3 from Hyrule's activity so that he could not add more unwanted 

  • Gaia's Cradle at night.
  • Gaia's Cradle in day.

members to the city, Gaia's Cradle was built extremely close to spawn to interest new players and serve as a town for anyone who asked. Sadly, because of this objective that founded it so close to the spawn, it was severely griefed by the inevitable stream of new players, and so possibly griefers, attracted to it. The town included several buildings such as 602's large house, a drop-party room, and multiple houses. There is a video created by numbedshot that tours Gaia's Cradle.

The Fall of Gaia's Cradle was a cruel, slow, and tormenting fall. Mopb3 abandoned Gaia's Cradle to work on other projects, and left it to die.  Zor 95, Nouvellune, and Numbedshot adopted the city to repair the many griefing damages and refurbish the landscape. Though the city never rose back to its former glory, it was still a popular destination for every player.

Minecraft - Multiplayer Fun! Episode 2 - I Have Returned!

Minecraft - Multiplayer Fun! Episode 2 - I Have Returned!

Video tour of Gaia's Cradle (Older version of town)

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