The Midnight Sage




Neutral Good



"Help those in need, and you will have done as I do"


Gallazius, also known as The Midnight Sage, The Wanderer, The Weather Wizard, The Lightning Mage, The Thunder God, and The Loremaster is the third Guardian and one of Loka's most ancient and revered heroes. He is well-known among Lokans for his frequent travels, jovial disposition, and prodigious magical power, and has featured prominently throughout Loka's history as a benevolent teacher and guide to Slicers beyond count.

Renowned for his mastery over weather-related magics in particular, Gallazius has proven himself a formidable mage with his signature use of lightning in order to smite anyone so foolish as to fight him, hence his many lightning-related titles. This happens rarely, however, as he is notorious for his passive and pleasant disposition, winning friends and allies easily and leaving a legacy of peace and brotherhood in the wake of his many travels across the worlds.

Physically, Gallazius chooses to take the form of a portly dwarf with an enormous golden beard and a hearty, booming voice. His clothing has changed over the Ages, but he typically wears traveler's garb and a wide-brimmed sorcerer's hat.

He has a jovial and gregarious personality, delighting in displays of revelry and celebration. He has been known to drink enough mead to kill ten lesser men, and he also happens to have a lovely singing voice. In times of crisis, however, he has been known to grow stern or even angry, as did happen when he was forced to do battle with the false Guardian Syris alongside his brothers.


Gallazius was the first Lokan to hold the title of Loremaster, signifying his extensive knowledge of the world's secrets and histories gained throughout his many travels and adventures. Many Lokans have benefited from his vast knowledge and enthralling tales of ancient valor and sorcery. One such Lokan was Artagan, a young pigman with a keen interest in studying the ancient histories of Loka, an interest Gallazius was more than happy to indulge. In time, Gallazius eventually grew dormant and relegated the role of Loremaster to his eager young protégé, who has worked tirelessly since then to carry on the work of his predecessor.

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