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"We are the food"- The deity of Roz, spoken to, and frequently quoted by, Harlum.
Harlum Antioch, also known as Zarqualtorazartarian or Mid, is the son of Artagan, a member of Citadel, and prophet of his own deity. He renounced the name of Harlum, instead preferring Zarqualtorazartarian, though many still address him by his given name.


Harlum entered Dellsmite in the spring, led through the Nether tunnel by Jedoi Avalos, where he was unable to sprint, earning him the early name, "Guy who can't run". Harlum, however, demonstrated his ability to run on several later occasions. In Dellsmite, Harlum preferred to mine, and ran a mine out of his house, and another just outside of town.


Harlum's next phase followed several weeks of nomadic life. He built the town of Blackwater in a lake south of spawn, but Harlum's shortsightedness caused him to recruit many new Lokans, who often never returned. Blackwater was a well built town, but lacked walls and so fell victim to raids. It was a sad time for Harlum to see his great town fall. He later went with a friend of Jedoi's and destroyed many buildings in Blackwater.

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