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The Abbey at the break of dawn


Originally founded in early 2014 by  White_Raptor, leadership was passed to agorednocit roughly a year later. Home of the four brothers, agorednocit, MarcusAurelius, White_Raptor, and XxJayBeansxX. This forest settlement makes a living from growing wheat and shepherding the indigenous pink sheep. The architecture is small scale but pleasantly built with abundant flora.

Haven sacrifice ritual



Haven's members worship the pagan god, Baal, with acts of violence and self indulgence in highly ritualized ceremonies consisting of animal sacrifices and the consumption of blessed absinthe.

"The respected members of Haven and myself joined him and donned our ceremonial masks. We dragged a yew to the flaming alter and beat her to death with bones. We then drunkenly stumbled onto the rooftop for feats of strength as we shot wildly at targets on the heath. What followed
Haven altar

Altar of Baal Hadad

was a blur of maniacal laughter, bloodshed, and chaos. I woke the next morning in a pile of singed wool and gristle with a throbbing headache." ~Personal journal of the High Priest

Historical Significance

Being at the Southernmost edge of the world with its coordinates never being disclosed to outsiders, Haven had little to fear from outside threats. Apart from small raiding trips and petty theft, Haven's members kept to themselves. But with the power shifts caused by several territory policy changes, the town was compelled to resist and attack the Argus alliance. Along with the newly formed Vesper alliance, Haven fought tirelessly pouring time and resources into an ultimately futile endeavor to win independence from Argus. The city of demonized heathens now lay in ruin.