One of the ways that Loka maintains a good server TPS and keeps the server running smoothly is by turning off Hoppers that can cause significant lag. One of the ways Hoppers can cause lag is by "clogs". When a Hopper tries to pull from a container above, it has to search every slot to see what it can pull from. In the case of a double-chest, it has to scan 54 slots. Because of poor Minecraft code, Hoppers can sometimes scan for items up to 200 times a second. This is what can cause performance issues on the server.

When a Hopper can successfully transfer items, it only does so every 3/4ths of a second or so. When it can't find the right item(s), this is when "clogs" happen (frequently in Autosorters). Hopper Burnout is a feature we added to detect this aberrant behavior and disable the hopper, which saves Loka valuable cpu cycles.


If you hear the Fire Extinguish sound effect (ala Redstone burnout) and see Dragon's Breath particles nearby,

that is the sign of a hopper that is burnt out. The hopper will not transfer items and will play these effects every second until the clog is fixed.