Iwasnotthere is a member of the Loka's famous trio, Xlan, Iwasnotthere, and DeceitfulPear. He is also a Sentryand is a subowner of Yaddas.


Iwasnotthere joined Loka on February 4th, 2015. The first person that he ever talked to was Master Aegon, the owner of Dragonstone. Master Aegon sent Iwasnotthere on a sort of goose chase to join his town. He told him that there was a key under spawn that would allow him to join his town. After about 2 hours of searching, Master Aegon decided to invite Iwasnotthere to Dragonstone out of his pure dedication. This is also where Iwasnotthere would meet MrAlchemy. During this time, they also raided the town of Camelot a multitude of times due to a fierce rivalry with X_Cavator. Dragonstone slowly began to die off from inactivity, and Iwasnotthere eventually met Defgnww and they became strong allies with one another. Iwasnotthere never left the town of Dragonstone, but would take the nether highway to Fort Constantine, Defgnww's town. During this time, Iwasnotthere also became good friends with Xlan, who would become an unbreakable duo.

Loka's fourth world eventually came to an end, and the fifth world of Loka, Char, began. The new world brought along a great deal of excitement and with that, Iwasnotthere and Xlan joined up and created the town of Valkyrie, which sat on the now infamous tile where Dong Dank is located.

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