Jabbagravey Theobald Karl Von Longhorn 1st Duke of Longhorn is a native Kalros nobleman and administrator born in Legio XIII. He served as a loyal subject of King Thorag7. While serving the crown he created an inn for new players and two public forges. He also reformed the aristocracy in Legio and set in strict moral codes and titles. For his actions, he was made 1st Duke of Longhorn a title he retains to this day.

When Legio XIII finally fell Jabbagravey fled to The Keep led by Ziggify a former Legio subject as well. While there he met Koi001 who quickly became friends. Koi and Jabba then set out to Garama to found the Black Hammer keep in the ruins of Amberfell. which later became a key player in Garaman Federation. Jabbagravey established himself as an excellent diplomat within the Federation and was made subowner and Archduke of Black Hammer Keep.

later when the BHK began to wane he set out on an expedition with Koi001 to return to Kalros and was one of the original members of Stromgarde and a subowner. Jabbagravey assisted Koi with infrastructure and administrative duties. He attempted to keep Stromgarde neutral and peaceful in an extremely tumultuous period in Kalros history with Iblis on top of the continent. Jabbagravey even held to the title of Emperor of Stormgarde for a short period. however, he abdicated the throne and departed from the town.

He then rejoined an old friend of his named Paraboilc who had recreated Legio XIII under the name of the Deliverance (Wintergrasp). Jabbagravey was overjoyed to return to his homeland and was instrumental in the rebuilding of the city. its here that Jabbagravey assumed the subownership and the title of Grand Prince of Longhorn along with constructing Von Longhorn manor, a large manor constructed purely to house Jabbagravey and his vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the original Legio. Jabbagravey lived happily in Legio retiring for a while from his political offices until the fall of Wintergrasp upon which he became a Nomad once again and disappeared into the northern regions.

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