Jakeman5 is known as a builder, historian, and grinder, but isn't afraid to go to battle and PvP although he is not particularly skilled. A Sub-Owner of Southern Valyria,. He loves to build and the people he has met on Loka due to the relationships he has made.


Discovered Loka through his good friends that played with him on another server, (36s ,Lurnn, and Fathherr). He chose to follow them to Southern Valyria. He became friends with SigmaFlash, and convinced him to rebuild Southern Valyrias War Room. Within a couple months of his arrival he had already completely rebuilt Southern Valyria. He and Sigmaflash designed and built a whole new war room and then focused on the above ground builds. He was a key contributor to moving life above ground in Southern Valyria along with the Valyrian Renaissance.

He obtained Sub-Owner of Southern Valyria within his first couple weeks of joining due to his contribution to the town.

He was nominated for Slicer by Sentry PartayArc on January 27, 2021 and was made a slicer in February.

Notable Builds

  • Southern Valyria War Room
  • Southern Valyria Clock Tower
  • Southern Valyria Boxing Ring
  • Southern Valyria Farms

Notable Compatriots

  • 36s
  • Lurnn
  • Cthan
  • SigmaFlash
  • PhoenixTails
  • Wemb
  • ExplodingBull
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