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The Northern Continent. Kalros can be accessed by the port on Aladra.

The North Star, ship to Kalros.


Resources that can be found on Kalros are as follows.

  • Sheep/Mutton/Wool
  • Wolves
  • Red and Brown Mushrooms
  • Potatoes
  • Salmon
  • Emerald Ore
  • Spruce Trees
  • Dark Oak Trees
  • Ice
  • Packed Ice
  • Snow
  • Podzol
  • Sweet Berries
  • Foxes


The Taiga is one of the bigger biomes of Kalros. Set mostly in the southern part of the continent, spruce trees can be found here in abundance. Wolves, Sheep, Foxes, and Chickens wander the spruce forests, and sweet berries can be found growing all around. The Port to Aladra is located in the Taiga.

The Taiga from Sea.

Mega Taiga

Mighty spruce trees stand tall in the Mega Taiga. Monsters wander both day and night, taking refuge under the great trees. Bring some armour, adventurers.

Roofed Forest

A dense, lush forest, and an abundant source of dark oak wood can be found here.

Ice Mountains

Northern Kalros is home to a stunning circular range known as the Ice Mountains. Many explorers scale these peaks, looking both for ice caves and the biome guarded by these mountains. There are few friendly mobs here, primarily the undead that come out at night. Despite the harsh climate, many travellers put climbing the Ice Mountains on their list of adventures.

The Ice Mountains.

Ice Wastes

Surrounded by the Ice Mountains, a frigid expanse of ice spikes and frozen crystals litter the terrain. This stretch is called the Ice Wastes. Sheep will rarely roam this area, put off by the wintry cold.

Ice Taiga

Similar to the Taiga and Mega Taiga, many spruce trees occupy this biome. Unsimilarly, however, the Ice Taiga is covered in snow. Sheep and wolves have been found to dwell here, and the biome is home to a few hills and mountains.


The Moor, located in Northwestern Kalros, is a rather small biome decorated with sparse trees and flowers. In some places it is flat, but small mountains and hills are here as well. There are also some cool caves. The Moor is the only biome on Kalros where horses spawn.

Shivering Sea

The Shivering Sea is the ocean that surrounds Kalros. It is chilly and deep.