Knighthood is a Lokan warrior tradition which has its roots in ancient Cathedrilian nobility and which has endured well into present day. Knights are typically Lokan men or women with at least modest skill at arms, fighting with sword or axe from horseback and making effective use of bows and arrows. Knights are typically addressed using the title "Ser", and are often found in the service of a vassal or monarch. Traditionally, knights have held themselves to high ideals of chivalry and honor, and are often in conflict with common thieves, raiders, and outlaws.


The first knights lived in Cathedral City as minor nobility in service to the first knight, King Mopb3, from whom all other knights since have derived their knighthood. The first Cathedrilian knights occupied a rank below Lords but above the common folk of Cathedral, enjoying access to higher tier housing and greater status than the peasants below. Over time, these first knights spread to other cities, taking the high ideals and traditions of knighthood with them.


The first knight was mopb3, one of the four Guardians in the service of Asymptonic and King of Cathedral City. Every knight of Cathedral City was knighted in a ceremony in which the king lay a sword upon their shoulder and heard their oaths of fealty. Any knight can make a knight, and so since then many knights have carried on this tradition by bestowing knighthood upon new generations.

Knights of Cathedral

King Mop

Lord Adder

Lord Line

Lord Toiongo

Baron Horned

Ser Murdoc

Ser Artagan

Ser Lionsaw

Ser Matt

Knights of Hyrule

King Magnus

Ser Skitch

Ser Spunkie

Ser Seidryn

Knights of Albion

Ser Artagan

Ser Opyc

Ser Josh

Ser Hip

Knights of Citadel

Ser Notuum

Ser Scharf

Ser Kritarch

Ser Huckled

Ser Xaxres

Ser Seidryn

Ser Mox

Ser Therox

Ser Spyro

Knights of Auru
Ser Beaver

Ser Benged

Ser Ryan

High King Thanius
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