One of the many leaders of The Covenant and the King of Anubis.

"It's pronounced Kaph not Kzzph" - Kxph 2018


Kxph joined the server and played as a nomad for a week. He quickly got bored of the Nomadic lifestyle and left Loka. On January 5, 2018, Kxph and a couple of friends joined the server. Kxph, Skryflr, and PheonixTails created Jötunheimr in the mountains. A couple of weeks into the town, they decided to move and deleted Jötunheimr. They moved to the Flower Forest and created a town called Jotun. After several months, Kxph grew tired of Jotun and moved to Firsthold. Eventually, he moved to Silverhand. In late August 2018, He created a town in Ascalon called Al Raltah. He lived in Al Raltah for 3 months. Then he decided to move to Garama and help out some friends. In November 2018, he created Kingsmere. He switched between Silverhand and Valentia for a few months. In March 2019, he decided to finally settle back down in Al Raltah. Until August 2019, he returned to Garama to help The Commons fight Noobville. After the War of the Three Kings was over, he went back to Al Raltah. He soon renamed the Al Raltah to Anubis.

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