Lazuli Avalos
Lady Lazuli of Dellsmite

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Lawful Neutral




Ender-Human Hybrid

Biological Information:

Skin Tone: Fair, Eye Colour: Purple, Hair Colour: Blond, Gender: Female


Jedoi, Leasaur, Johnny1207, ChuckToast64, Cryptite, MOpyc, Magpieman, Artagan, ErikLikan, Wolfegger, Mopb3


The Dellsmite Ruins (formerly), Abbey of Secoran Monks (formerly), Dellsmite

"Alone we may survive, but together we shall thrive!" -Lazuli Avalos.

Lazuli Avalos, known commonly as the Lady of Dellsmite, is an enderman-human hybrid woman who is originally from a land outside of the protection of the Artifact, known as Secora.


Early life

Lazuli Avalos was born as the last living member of the Lost Kingdom of Dellsmite, which was a civilization of peaceful people living Secora, an island that was beyond the reach of the Artifact. She was orphaned as a baby, her mother being the granddaughter of the last king of Dellsmite, Ulric. She was raised by the island's historians, the Secoran Monks.

Although there were several monks living at the abbey, Farkell was her primary caregiver and father figure. He discovered her on the steps of the main doors, abandon as a two week old infant. He named her after his family's crest, which was a flower, the Twilight Avalos, that was native to Secora. The flowers were describes as being a fragrant, edible plant that grew in the East Highlands whose colour was often described to be similar to lapis lazuli crystals.

Lazuli grew up along side an ender dragon, naming her Siria, that hatched in a secret chamber under the mountain. She became a dragon rider, exploring the island and becoming very independant at a young age. When she was thirteen Siria returned to the end to become the true ender dragon. This emotionally crippled Lazuli, making her distant and at times hostile towards her allies. This behavior carried on into her adult life, making her stubborn at times and an introvert.

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