Leasaur Istalri
Queen of Citadel




Neutral Good



Leasaur Istalri is a prominent figure in Loka's history as well the reigning Queen of Citadel alongside King Artagan Antioch. One of the few elves known to Loka, she is a Computernite and a staunch opponent of the Outlaws and their influence.

She has also been involved in the administration of many towns over the Ages, such as Central City, Helrune, and Dellsmite. She founded the city of Citadel alongside Artagan, and has personally designed and constructed much of the city's architecture.

Queen Leasaur is renowned as an accomplished fighter and archer, leading the Vanguard into battle on many occasions and leading the assault on FKA's territory alongside the Argus Alliance and Camelot. She has distinguished herself in tournament battles against seasoned fighters, earning the rank of Duelist and establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Leasaur is one of only a handful of elves known to Loka, and as a result she has a natural affinity for plants and trees. Citadel's gardens are filled with blooming blue orchids year-round because of this.

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