Legio XIII is a kingdom of medium size located in western Kalros, It is a nation with walls as thick as the shields of gods, It is renowned for the beautiful Town hall tower and unique design, It has a decent industry which helps the people of Legio protect their land from Legio's oldest enemy Warladius.

Notable buildings

Tower-King Thorags personal home and throne room.

Wearhouse-Used for holding public items

Great Mine Fortress-large stone walls to protect the mine, beside the Great River Thorag that runs through the heart of the city

The Royal Thorag Inn- A inn operated by Jabbagravey for people who don't have houses, or new players

Important figures

Thorag7- King of Legio XIII

Redscull- Sub owner/Prince of Legio XIII

BradyJones-Sub owner/Prince of Legio XIII

Paraboilc -Sub owner/Prince of Legio XIII



Jabbagravey-Innkeeper and Duke


Legio XIII has custom titles.


Duke is a nobility rank, above that of Marquess and below Prince or Grand Duke. The rank is the highest achievable nobility rank a having two recorded users, Jabbagravey Was promoted to Duke by King Thorag7 of Legio XIII


Earl is a nobility rank. Earls are above that of a Viscount but below a Marquess. they are equivalent to a count

Notable Earls

Jabbagravey-A new player who is very brazen about titles and peerage, used to hold the title of Earl of the Ice shores before his promotion.