2012-07-30 18.52.31

The old spawn at sunrise

2013-05-16 18.34.41

Looking up at current Spawn.

Loka is the name of the current world of the server, following on from its old world, which did not have a name, and so known as the world of The Artifact. With the coming of this new world; many players have joined the server; as the elder residents started putting it back on server lists and forums.


We came to this world via Preksak's knife, after he attempted to blow our old world up, and saddly succeeded, using a large bedrock bomb to do so. The knife initialy seemed to take us to some form of moon base, but later got us to a new destination. A world called 'Loka' which seems steeped in mystery, with most of the world's wonder yet to be found.

2012-09-30 21.56.17

Boating at the old spawn

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