Marriage in the world of Loka has a different meaning depending on the couple in question. In this game of Loka, marriage can be convenient, sometimes serving as a formal pact between two cities, other times it could be about love, and the couple will promise themselves to their couple in loving fairness and equality.
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A heart for Joce

The first married couple in Loka are Lucifer09 and Zor95, the baroness of helrune and the sheep overlord. It is unknown when their love came to fruition but they have been officialy together since approximately April or May.

Next in line come JocelynReed and MrAlchemy, the mother of mooshrooms and the famous and world known architect. They will be hosting the first official marriage ceremony in Loka's history.

JocelynReed and MrAlchemy

The story of these two lovebirds was at first frowned upon by many. JocelynReed was a famous slave known for her dancing skills. This is what we infer due to her constant phrases of: "Make it rain!" and her special cage in Hyrule, made for Magpieman's entertainment.

In the beginning, SlimJim1988 and mopb3 had a quarrel over who was originally Joce's legit owner. Judge Magpieman then intervined, although in the end, he somehow got to be the owner of Joce.

In an architect-related trip to Hyrule, MrAlchemy found JocelynReed and inmediately offered to buy her of Magpieman. Magpieman knew of course, of MrAlchemy's vast wealth, so he decided to please Alch, in the hope that he would one day help him. MrAlchemy inmediately set her free after the transaction and after a few days of young love, the happy couple agreed to get married.

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JocelynTheSlave being baptised as JocelynReed and being traded to MrAlchemy

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JocelynReed and MrAlchemy holding hands at spawn, days before the wedding

Bride to be Joce and Groom Alchemy have planned the wedding for the 6th of October 2012. Near everyone in the server was invited, only hte close friends it seemed. The grooms best man is Mopb3. The bride's maid of honor is 13scooter13. Flower girl is Lucifer09. Ring bearer is Gudbrandr. The man who is to give the bride away is Defgnww. Djs for the music were Christennis and memrme3. Cake Decorator would like to be unknown for time being.

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The couple, chilling out at Hidden Caverns

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A gift from MrAlchemy to JocelynReed

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