Loka Minecraft - Official Trailer

Loka Minecraft - Official Trailer

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Loka is a custom server, built from the ground up to deliver an experience you won't find anywhere else. Just about everything you thought you looked for in a Minecraft server is on Loka. Discover why Loka is the place you should call home.

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General Towns Conquest PvP World Map Custom Features
About Loka Towns Conquest Arenas World Map Custom Items
Rules Town Mastery Territory Battlegrounds Continents Market
Commands Industries Warfare Talents Biomes and Resources Brewing
Ranks Town Zones Capital PG Rejuvenating Isles Fishing
Titles Alliances Resource Isles Chairs
Vanilla Changes Town Portals Spawn Island Decorative Blocks
Starter Guides Void Storage World Zones Beheading
Enduring Isles Blood
Soulbound Bag
Custom Mobs

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  • new page Orlanth
    created by Steve5729
    New page: Also known as Steve. 1 time community representative
    Summary: made page added basic info because whynot -Steve
  • new page Jotunhiemer
    created by Castalina
    New page: A town that was created by "northmen" players who settled in northern Ascalon. Their people are known for uniting with Valinor in their dire time of...
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  • new page Elysian Pact
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    New page: An alliance that was used between Valinor and Jotunhiemer in the Great War. Soon after the war, the alliance fell apart leaving the covenant to...
  • new page Jibblypop
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    New page: The Beast Edit Jibblypop had the biggest player popularity in such a short span of time. From his first day to being imprisoned by Castalina and the...
  • new page Gabrosen
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    New page: Beholder of Mushrooms Edit Formerly known as the leader of Myrefall before it fell, Gabrosen has contributed to loka in a lore / roleplay sort of...
  • new page Great War
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    New page: Great War Edit The great war is referred to as the biggest war before the conquest 2.0 reset was released. This refers to a conflict between Garama,...
  • new page Drew Doc
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    New page: Leader of the Free People Edit Drew_Doc has been known as a prominent leader in Lokan history by sustaining the independence, integrity, and honesty...

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