Library of Loka

The library in Aladra is located to the west of where new players come out of the Lokan initiation process, and about 50 blocks away from the area you spawn after death, or after you (the player) arrive through town portals into Aladra. This Library holds hundreds of books from town/player/server lore, to drink recipes and other guides, and much, much more! Writers like Gabrosen, Jedoi, WizardTeePot (or WizardTeeShirt as some might know him), come up in many of the stories. Yet some books are from other literature artists, like Nephist, AstriaS, Dwemer_Sphere, and many more who have gone unnamed in this brief summary. The major writers stated above are called "librarians", which have a secret area few know about under the library for rating books and stocking bookshelves. The Librarians of Loka search and manage hundreds of book submissions a year, searching for the ones they deem of the highest quality, so that they may be displayed on the shelves for public use. Additionally, avid lore writers and readers can apply to join the ranks of the librarians. Details on how to do that can be found here.