Lurnn is known as a predominantly PvP based player, who shows his ability off in conquest, but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and grind when necessary. A Sub-Owner of Southern Valyria, an avid conquest strategist. He loves to PvP but what he loves most about Loka is the community and the people he has met.


Discovered Loka through speak of it around other communities, told his friends about it, (36s and Fathherr ) but chose not to follow them when Daviq recruited them, after learning of Donzulas past streak of losing and way of playing. So he spoke to SigmaFlash, convinced him to invite him and his friends, 36s and Fathherr. Ever since then Lurnn has brought many of his friends to Loka, even creating a tower within Valyria for those who came with us, namely 36s, Fathherr, Jakeman5, Cthan, Gokayy, Kotae1, and galaktias.

He obtained Sub-Owner of Southern Valyria within his first week or two of joining, he was stuck in a room and was granted it to get out, but the leaders chose to leave him with it after seeing he was a dedicated player, grinder, and pvper.

After his successes in Southern Valyria he chose to leave and help rebuild Valyria on Ascalon.

Notable Compatriots


"Your mom calls you Lurnn" - 36s

"You are far better than me" - SigmaFlash

"Are you Scottish?" - Cthan

"You're stupid no offense" - Curlyy

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