Modules can be added to Territory Generators and inhibitors to help either defend or destroy the TGen. Modules are separated into Offensive or Defensive modules. Offensive modules are only available for inhibitors and defensive modules for Tgens.

The defensive Tgen modules are linked with one of the TGens power sources and will go offline if its respective Power Source is overloaded during an attack. A generator can have a maximum of 4 modules.

The attacking inhibitor modules are again linked with its power sources but instead of being deactivated when a lamp is destroyed, the module becomes weaker and less effective. Inhibitors can have a maximum of 1 module. 

You cannot equip an attacking module when fighting against a neutral territory, as the generator will also have no modules. 

Defensive Modules

  • Buff Module (Green Wool): Increases the health of golems to 250%. (+150%)
    TGen Modules.png
  • Debilitating Aura (Dark Blue Wool): Whenever Golems are hit by a melee attack, they will debuff nearby enemies with Slow II that blocks pearling and gives Mining Fatigue I. Mutually exclusive with Vicious Attack.
  • Laser Module (Purple Wool): Fires a laser at a single target doing increasing damage to the player and nearby players over time until the target leaves its range.
  • Lingering Death Module (Black Wool): Fires a laced potion at nearby enemies every 30 seconds that creates a bed of lingering blocks at its location. Enemies who walk on these blocks will gain the bleed debuff if they walk through it.
  • Slow Module (Cyan Wool): Fires a laced potion at nearby enemies every 30 seconds that creates a bed of lingering blocks at its location. Enemies that walk through this cloud will receive Slow II and be unable to throw Ender Pearls.
  • Spectral Module (White Wool): All enemies in the territory who are charged will glow to your team. If only 5 players on the attacking side are alive, all players on the attacking side will become permanently glowing with Spectral. Any attacking player that gets a charge off will be debuffed with "Spectral Lockdown" which makes the player it affects unable to attack any protectors for 60s.
  • TnT Module (Red Wool): Fires primed TnT at enemies within range and deals heavy knockback and damage.
  • Vicious Attack (Brown Wool): Golems will gain an attack combo. When teleporting to any players as a result of their usual arrow-hit-teleport, nearby enemies will be immediately knocked back heavily and receive a 10-second bleed. Mutually exclusive with Debilitating Aura.

Note: Multiple laser towers will not all target the same player. In addition, modules such as Debilitating Aura, Laser, Lingering Death, Rallying Charge, Slow, Spectral, and TnT have a 35 block range activation.  

Offensive Modules

  • Pearl Bomb (Magenta Wool): Whenever an attacker throws an Ender Pearl, it has a 10% chance on landing to spawn an Endermite bomb.
    • This is the same Endermite Bomb from the Core and will be subject to friendly-fire checks (won't blow up attackers), nor can they be damaged by the attacking team.
    • Damage and length of time is the same as in the core.
    • Sweeping attacks do not damage Endermites.
  • Tactical Rush (Orange Wool): When attackers warp, allies within 35 blocks of the inhib gain Focused Assault for 120 seconds.
    • Focused Assault '- You cannot be slowed and any heal pots you throw won't heal enemies.
  • Golem Override (Lime Green Wool): When attackers warp, Inhib Golems become empowered and all defender (TGen) modules will become disabled until a single Inhibitor Golem has been killed.
    • Empowered Golems are immune to projectile damage and have 200% total health.
    • If defenders (if there even are any) are unable to take down an Inhibitor Golem in order to reactivate their modules after 4 minutes, the TGen modules will automatically reactivate.
  • Supercharged (Yellow Wool): Whenever you kill a golem, your charge lasts 2x longer (15s -> 30s) and all allies within 10 blocks gain Thick Skinned and Debuff Resistance
    • Thick Skinned - You are immune to all bleed effects.
    • Debuff Resistance - You are immune to all debuffs, including invisibility and jump boost.
  • Chain Reaction (Light Blue Wool): Whenever a lamp is damaged, another randomly chosen defending Golem will become Stunned for 20s
    • Stunned Golems are frozen (cannot move) and will die in one melee hit.

Module Costs

The cost of moduling Generators varies based on a number of factors. It is always a large quantity of a random resource. Every Generator has a set resource for the whole conquest month and it only changes at the end of the truce. You can find out what resource it requires by speaking to the NPC inside the Generator. You can also find out the resource and number required, by right-clicking on the lamp on the exterior of the Generator and hovering over a module.

Each resource is split into one of three categories, based on how easy it is to obtain and how abundant it is. Each group determines how many of the resource is required to add a module. The harder to obtain (high tier) resources require less, and the easier to obtain (low tier) resources require more.


The cost goes up depending on the number of modules you have in your empire.

Number of Modules High Tier Cost Medium Tier Cost Low Tier Cost
1 - 20 64 128 256
21 - 40 128 256 512
41 - 60 256 384 768
61 80 320 512 1024
81 - 100 384 640 1280
101 - 120 448 768 1536


The cost is static.

Number of Modules High Tier Cost Medium Tier Cost Low Tier Cost
21 - 40 128 256 512


  • All modules are free.

Capital Bountifuls

  • All modules are free and can be changed/set during the 2-hour warm up time.


Moduling an inhibitor is always free and is picked at the point of activating an inhibitor.

How to Add a Module

Right-click on the Generator lamp, hover over the module of choice and shift-click. If you ever wish to remove a module for some reason you can follow the same steps to do so. However, there is little reason to do this as you can change your modules for free during the 1-hour warm-up time prior to a fight. This is known as Module Roulette.

If the Generator is a capital bountiful tile, then the only way to add modules is during the 2-hour warm-up time prior to the fight. This is the only time where you can do this regardless of whether the generator has pre-existing modules or not. This is done by typing /c list and clicking on the active fight.

Module Roulette

  • In the hour after activating an Inhib and before the fight starts, all installed modules on both sides become blacked out visually. You will be unable to see which module is which.
  • Both sides have the optional ability to change which module(s) they have already installed in order to play the enemy in their strategy. Once the Inhib goes online and the attack starts, the modules will be revealed.
  • Swapping out mods does not cost extra, you already paid up-front for your mods.
  • You are able to remotely swap out your mods in /c list by clicking on the active fight.
  • You can only do this if your generator already has modules equipped.
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